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With financial applications on smartphones, people do not have to worry about recording and calculating on paper to manage money effectively. However, the question is how to Finance App Design that meets the following criteria: Easy to use – Convenient – Fast browsing speed? Don’t have to look far – The solution will be right in the article below!


Whether individuals or businesses, effective financial management is extremely important to avoid risks in daily life and in the process of sustainable development.

Particularly for individuals, if you only try to make a lot of money to spend freely without thinking about running out, that is really a wrong perspective. Therefore, financial experts often advise, “You should hone your personal financial management skills to clearly know where the money comes from and where it goes.”

Surely not many people know that people who make good money are people who know excellent financial management. The secret to success of Jeff Bezos, Warren Buffet, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates – The people on the list of the world’s richest billionaires in 2018 all have one thing in common. That revolves around the concept of personal financial management. Therefore, to understand and turn this concept into reality is very necessary for people of all ages.

Simply put, personal financial management means using money most effectively, contributing to making people’s lives more comfortable and avoiding unnecessary risks in everyday life. day.

Understanding your own spending is considered the core of money management. Where does the monthly income come from? How will that money come out? How much is left as a reserve for emergency use or investment…

Some expenses can be listed such as: Fixed expenses, Payment of electricity bills, Living expenses for shopping, Travel gasoline expenses, Financial products for insurance, Incidental expenses, Expenses Weekend entertainment fees…

To effectively manage finances, people can use pen and paper and record detailed monthly expenses. However, with the development of the digital technology age, to do this conveniently and quickly, many people have asked for the help of financial apps on smartphones.


Smart financial app design – Easy to use will bring users countless great benefits.

► Helps manage and classify income and expenses.

► Create and track future financial plans.

► Record daily income and expenses in just a few minutes.

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► Create a budget to spend over a certain period of time based on your spending habits.

► Spending progress will be regularly reminded by the app to keep spending under control.

► The App automatically creates reporting charts that are easy to understand, easy to see, and easy to remember – Very convenient for effective financial monitoring and management.


With more than 12 years of experience in the field of application software development on Android and iOS platforms of smartphones. Sento App is proud to be the leading reputable and professional mobile App design unit in Vietnam.

Having completed 823 Apps for large and small brands at home and abroad, Sento App is committed to bringing the best quality software products to customers when registering for financial app design services.

► Financial app used on multiple mobile devices at the same time.

► App can synchronize on all devices and all platforms with perfect security standards.

► Automatically remind users of recurring daily, weekly, and monthly income and expenses.

► Supports quick conversion of all currencies when traveling.

► Regularly remind about savings, helping users achieve their financial goals as quickly as possible.

► Don’t have to worry about loans or debt

► Helps users remember and pay loans and debts on schedule.

► Conveniently scan invoices.

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